Umbelino Monteiro, one of the biggest players in the Portuguese roofing market, and a leader in the conservation of Portuguese cultural heritage, renewed its website and Fullscreen was the partner it chose to develop it.

An institutional website with the company’s information and a presentation of its products, assisted by a media centre and a technical centre featuring an HD portfolio and datasheets with the most important technical information, guarantees that any visitor - whether already a client or just curious – can find complete information about Umbelino Monteiro’s products and will have all they need to know by the time they close their browser.

A project gallery where you can search for projects in which specific materials were used as an example/inspiration, or a function to register an Umbelino Monteiro product warranty are yet other features included in this website, developed by Fullscreen.

This website has an optimised SEO and digital marketing strategy and incorporates techniques used in e-commerce and online stores, such as cross-selling and up-selling, so as to promote Umbelino Monteiro’s products and improve the user experience of its visitors.

A 100% responsive layout for mobiles with a clean, light and up-to-date design, functional and practical menus, a taxonomy which positively guides the visitor though its sitemap, as well as calls-to-action and interconnection with the company’s social media, are fundamental aspects that our web design team focused on in the creation of this website.