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Rosa Malva

Rosa Malva is Mané Pupo: a project to live and fall in love with. 100% Portuguese, 100% handmade, A Rosa Malva recovers history and everyday stories in objects full of tenderness, memory and movement so that what really matters - Love and Joy - are celebrated time and time again anytime and anywhere.

Fullscreen was the partner chosen to develop a website with an online store that would allow Rosa Malva to publicize (and sell) its products, responding to the growing demand and expansion of the brand in the market.

This website has been optimized in terms of SEO strategy and digital marketing and incorporates e-commerce techniques such as cross-selling and up-selling in order to promote Rosa Malva's products and improve the user experience of its visitors.
A 100% responsive layout in mobile format with a clean, light and current design, functional and practical menus, a taxonomy that assertively guides the visitor through its sitemap as well as calls to call to action or interconnection with the company's social networks are aspects fundamentals that our web design team took into account when creating this website.