Portugal Sou Eu

The “Portugal Sou Eu” (I am Portugal) programme is a programme managed by the AEP, AIP, CAP and IAPMEI. Through the “Portugal Sou Eu” brand, it aims to promote and enhance the offer of Portuguese products by adding value to them and promoting informed consumption by consumers.

Fullscreen was the partner chosen to develop a new portal with an institutional angle to present the programme and associated events/initiatives, but above all include a strong component in terms of reserved areas that allows its associates to manage the whole process of submitting applications, renewals, cancellations, payments and respective product portfolio. From an administrative point of view, the portal allows the various entities that manage the programmes to share the work and responsibilities through automation, filtering, approval and data-exporting mechanisms with respect to the companies, applications, and products that make up this programme. The reserved area has very well-defined processes that help the user throughout the process, with AI mechanisms that help at each step of the process, simplifying the bureaucratic workload and reducing its complexity to the minimum possible.

This portal has an optimised SEO and digital marketing strategy and incorporates techniques used in e-commerce and online stores, such as cross-selling and up-selling, to promote the products, services and establishments that subscribe to the “Portugal Sou Eu” brand and improve the user experience of its visitors.

A 100% responsive layout for mobile format with a clean, light and up-to-date design, functional and practical menus, a taxonomy which positively guides the visitor through its sitemap, as well as calls-to-action, are fundamental aspects that our web design team focused on in the creation of this portal.