Mais 2 Jogos

Mais 2 Jogos is a company dedicated to games and consoles and has a product offer that goes from the latest news to the most current consoles to retrogaming, action figures and Funko Pop. In 2018, Mais 2 Jogos decided to create an online store and chose Fullscreen as a partner for its development and evolutionary maintenance.

As a backbone for this development Fullscreen used the Prestashop CMS (content management system), fulfilling all UI / UX expectations and optimizing the SEO and digital marketing strategy for the digital store created, incorporating e-commerce techniques such as cross-selling and up-selling in order to promote Mais 2 Jogos products and improve the user experience of its visitors.

A 100% responsive mobile layout with clean, light and up-to-date design, functional and practical menus, a taxonomy that assertively guides the visitor through your sitemap as well as call-to-action calls or interconnection with the company's social networks. that our web design team took into account when creating this website.