Easy Talk

EasyTalk is a DGERT certified language school as well as an official Cambridge Exam Preparation Center. EasyTalk chose Fullscreen, as its partner, to renew its institutional website and the look of its study centers.

The website was renovated and updated in order to give it a more up-to-date and pleasant appearance to the different target audiences of EasyTalk, the information and its hierarchy were also reorganized.

A new design was also developed for the facades of the different training centers using the shapes of the logo's letters, creating a dynamic and up-to-date building look.

To carry out this project, the CMS StudioCMS platform, authored by Fullscreen, was chosen.
The choice of this platform was based on its advantages, including its adaptability to any type of UI/UX, free and responsive content management and advanced website optimization in terms of SEO strategy. In addition, StudioCMS allows the customer to become practically autonomous in the insertion and management of content. The EasyTalk website is designed both for the clients and for the company, it presents the courses available at the centers, allows users to take a level test of their linguistic knowledge and have access to a Reserved Area.

This website has been optimized in terms of an advanced SEO strategy and in terms of Responsiveness, so that it is accessible to all devices The designed layout has a clean and cheerful look, which conveys the brand's dynamic.

The menu, with motion design, strives for simplicity and functionality, in order to assertively guide the user through the sitemap. The Website is interconnected with EasyTalk's social networks, so that the customer can always be aware of the brand's news, as well as to facilitate contact between the brand and its customers.