Interlusa is a family company founded in 1967. Dedicated to the importation and resale of metals, lighting components and lighting fixtures, it also dedicates to exporting its products to the Spanish market and to the PALOPs. Interlusa chose Fullscreen, as its partner, for the development and maintenance of its Online Store.

The goal of the project was the development of a B2B Online Store, for the commerce of LED lamps, light fixtures, components and metals sector, as well as industrial machines.

In order to answer the client’s needs, Fullscreen recurred to its CMS platform, StudioCMS. The choice of this platform was based on its advantages, which include its adjustment to any type of UI/UX, a free and responsive content management and the advanced optimization of websites when it comes to the SEO strategy. Besides this, StudioCMS enables the client to become practically autonomous in the insert and management of content.

The Interlusa Online Store presents the whole of the offer of the brand’s products, within which electrical material, non-ferrous metals and industrial machines for the production of foam, mattresses and sofas. Through the platform, the user can do instant quotation requests. Besides

this, in the Reserved Area, the user can have access to their history of orders, to the Price Lists and the Suppliers’ Catalogues. The user can, also, select the price version they want to see on the Online Store, in order to be able to show products and prices to their final clients, without revealing their purchasing price.

There were integrated in the Online Store a ERP Software, a Search Engine on the whole of the Online Store, and cross-sales and up-sales tools. Besides, it was made an integration with the Google Shopping and platforms.

This Online Store was optimized with an advanced SEO strategy and in terms of Responsiveness, so that it can be accessible through various platforms. It is available in three languages, Portuguese, Spanish and English, in order to extend its access to the global market.

It has been designed a responsive layout, of simple and professional aspect, which integrates a menu with motion design, practical and user-friendly, so that the user can be guided correctly through the sitemap. It was made a link with the Interlusa Facebook page, so that the client can always be aware of all of the brands’ news, and to promote the communication between the brand and its’ clients.