HA+ARCHITECTURE+ENGINEERING develops its activity in the areas of architecture, engineering and consultancy in Portugal, with operational base in the city of Porto.

The company chose Fullscreen to develop its institutional website, the project's objective was to develop a website that would mark its online presence. For this purpose, a responsive layout was designed, with a simple and professional appearance, which includes a menu with motion design, practical and intuitive, in order to guide the user assertively through the website.

In order to answer the client’s needs, Fullscreen recurred to its CMS platform, StudioCMS. The choice of this platform was based on its advantages, which include its adjustment to any type of UI/UX, a free and responsive content management, the possibility of having several languages ​​on the website and the advanced optimization of websites when it comes to the SEO strategy.

Besides this, StudioCMS allows the client to become practically autonomous in the insertion and management of content.