Remove an email account


1. Click the File tab.

2. Under Account Information, click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

3. Select the email account you want to remove, and then click Remove.

4. To confirm the removal of the account, click Yes.

To remove an email account from a different profile, exit and restart Outlook with the other profile, and follow the previous steps. You can also remove accounts from other profiles by doing the following:

1. Exit Outlook.
2. In Control Panel, click once or twice on Email.

Where is Email in Control Panel?

Email appears in different locations in Control Panel, depending on the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Control Panel view you selected, and whether the installed version of the operating system or Outlook 2010 is 32-bit or 64-bit.

The easiest way to find Email is to open Control Panel in Windows and in the Search box at the top of the window, type Email.
In the Windows XP Control Panel, type Email in the Address box.

NOTE: The Email icon appears after Outlook first starts.

The title bar of the Email Setup dialog box contains the name of the current profile. To select a different profile that already exists, click Show Profiles, select the profile name, and then click Properties.

1. Click Email Accounts.

2. Select the account, and then click Remove.

3. To confirm the removal of the account, click Yes.

- Removing a POP3 or IMAP email account does not delete items that were sent and received using the account. If you are using a POP3 account, you can still use the Outlook Data File (.pst) to work with your items.