Certificate SSL Why is Important?

As phishing attacks and identity theft increase, the security demands of your website visitors and customers are increasing. SSL certificates - the security technology that enables the yellow lock and green bar - are an essential service for all websites that engage in online transactions or require visitor or customer data.

It is a fact that businesses that use SSL certificates gain more traffic and increase sales of their products or the services they provide. In addition, the GlobalSign EV SSL certificate offers a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition: if your address shows a green browser bar next to your company name, this will further strengthen trust in your site and give you an edge about your competition.

Google has even issued an official note, saying that as of January of 2017, the Chrome browser will display an alert for users using unsafe (HTTP) pages to include passwords or other sensitive data. The browser points to some sites as "secure," showing a lock next to the address that begins with the letter "s".