Android set up an IMAP account

To set up a smartphone running Android operating system to be able to access your emails using the IMAP protocol you need to follow these steps:

1. Click on “Email”.
a) Fill in your email address and click the "Manual Setup" button.

2. In the account type select the “IMAP” option.
a) Enter the account password and select “Next”.
b) In IMAP Send / Receive Server configuration please fill in with ""
c) “Username” - fill in with your full email address (Example: example @;
d) “Password” - enter the password of your email account;
e) “Server” - Enter the email server address (;
f) “Door” - leave by default;
g) “Security Type” - If you are using normal connection (Port: 143) you should keep the option “None”. If you want to use a secure connection (Port: 993) you should use the option “SSL / TLS (Accept all certificates)”;
h) “IMAP path prefix” - You can leave this field empty;

After completing all fields, press “Next” to continue the setting.

Now you have to enter the data to connect to the SMTP Send Server:

“Server” - Fill in with the same address you filled in in the IMAP configuration server field;
“Port” - Indicate Port 25 for normal connection or port 465 for a secure connection (SSL);
“Security Type” - If you choose a normal connection (Port 25) you should keep the option “None” selected. If you want to use a secure SSL connection (Port 465) you should select the option “SSL / TLS (Accept all certificates)”.
“Require Login” - Check this option to make an authenticated connection to the sending server. All connections require authentication with Username and Password.
“Username” - Fill in this field with your full email address.
“Authentication” - Fill in this field with the password of your email account.

Now that you have completed the Email Server Setup fields, you should click “Next”.

Select sync options as desired, indicating sync frequency and notification preferences.

Finally, enter a name for your email account on your mobile phone and the Name that will appear as Sender in all emails you send through your mobile phone.

Now that you've set it up, you should be able to view and send your emails via your Android Smartphone:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.